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New Feature - The Signature Module

Today we've released a new content feature that we know a good few of you have been asking for--the signature module! This feature is available to all Pro plans, and is ideal for signature images, sign-offs, advertisements, or anything else you want to have automatically inserted into the bottom of each post.

example: inserting an image sign-off in the signature module
example: inserting an image sign-off in the signature module

Available at Design > Content, all you need do is insert your code into the module, save your changes, and you're done! The module will automatically add itself into each post.

Note: Blogs with excerpts turned on will only see the module on the permalink page for the post.

One example of how to use the module is seen above. We chose to create an image, using our preferred font, because this specific font isn't available on all computers and we wanted to make sure all readers would see it exactly the way we envisioned. Once the image was saved, it was uploaded to the File Manager, and we copied its URL.

Once the URL was in hand, we went to Design > Content, enabled the signature module, then clicked its pencil icon to configure it. Inside the field available, we added the following:

<img src="URL" title="until next time" />

signature configuration

After that, we clicked OK, previewed our changes, then saved them. Pretty simple! And much more efficient than manually adding it to each new post we create.

Things to take note about the module:

  • it accepts HTML, scripts, and plain text
  • it has a 1000 character limit (you will be alerted by a pop-up if it the limit is reached)
  • there is no default styles set for the module, so it will fit with all themes
  • images or embedded content will scale up/down in responsive themes only

In our Knowledge Base article for the signature module you'll find examples of how to style the content, as well as the type of content you can add. It's really almost limitless, so we hope you give it a try! If you have questions beyond what the Knowledge Base can provide, remember we're just a help ticket away at Help > New Ticket.


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