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New for Beta Users: Blog Welcome Message

One of the great things about having a blog is that it will always be new to someone.  New readers will find you in a variety of ways (search engines; shared links; social media platforms; etc.) and it's nice to be able to welcome them to your blog. For our Beta team members, we've just introduced a way to easily do that with our Blog Welcome Message.

The Blog Welcome Message allows you to add either an embedded or a popover message to first time visitors to your blog. This can include HTML to format the message or just text. You can also include code for links and images.

An Embedded Welcome Message.

To add this to your blog, go to the Settings tab.  Select if you'd rather have the popover or embedded option, enter your welcome message, check the box, and save your changes.  Now, the first time a visitor comes to your website, they'll see your welcome message.

Do you have something new or noteworthy that you'd like to share with both your new and returning visitors?  Simply come back to the Settings tab, update your message, check the box, and save your changes.

You can read more about the Blog Welcome Message in the Knowledge Base.

Beta Team, we'd love to hear what you think about the Blog Welcome Message or any of our other great features still in Beta!  Please open a help ticket with your feedback so that we can make this the best feature possible.


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