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Promoting and Marketing Your Content: Wrapping the Whole Shebang Up


Over the past several weeks, we've introduced you to a new series to help you improve your skills on marketing and promoting your own content.  Let's take a look back on all that you've learned.

On a general level, we've talked about the importance of stepping up and going beyond the basics.  For example, you can pin your own images to Pinterest instead of waiting for your readers to add them to their own boards.  You can make sure that your Tweets and Facebook shares use popular hastags and keywords, making them more likely to get noticed.

Create interesting, eye-catching images for your posts to really draw your readers in.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In the same vein, maybe there's an older post that you think is fantastic, but your readers might not be aware of it or perhaps you've got a popular post with lots of related content that you want to showcase.  We've given you information on how to do this both within posts and within your sidebars.

We've also suggested asking guest authors to post to your blog.  It provides a wonderful opportunity to market yourself to your guest's readers and may even set you up to be a guest author on another blog in the future, getting your own posts out to new readers.

Another way to engage readers is to make your blog more interactive with them.  You can ask them to submit images of a specific subject for a post.  Readers get excited to see their images and name on your blog and will most likely even share this post across their own social media, furthering your blog's viewers.  Surveys are also a great way to interact with your readers and can be run on just about any topic.

Finally, we introduced you to link parties, which has a group of bloggers sharing their posts across all the blogs involved.  Talk about getting your message out!

We hope you've enjoyed this special topics series and have learned some great ways to market your blog's content like a rock star.  Are there any ideas that we missed?  We'd love to hear how you market your content!


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