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Typepad 101: Tweaking Your Comment Settings

A Year In Review: DISQUS & Fighting Spam Comments

What a year 2014 has been! We here at Typepad are committed to making Typepad a better service each day, and we've been busy as bees releasing new features and improving the system overall.  This includes offering new themes, adding entirely new features, and more, all the while implementing your own feedback and suggestions.

While keeping your blogs running is our top priority, we also know that building your blogging community and communicating with your readers through comments is important. In our continued effort to fight off spam comments, in early 2014 we added more tools to make commenting easier. 

First, we added the option to require that visitors have Javascript turned on in their browsers in order to leave a comment on your blog.  While most visitors should have Javascript already enabled in their browser, most spam sources do not.  Next we teamed up with Akismet, a backend tool we've applied to the Typepad application which requires no setting changes on your part. In doing so, nearly all spam comments are being flagged correctly and not appearing on your blog.

Earlier this year, we've integrated Disqus with Typepad as an alternative option to our built-in commenting features. Disqus comments is now out of Beta and available to all Typepad bloggers. Want to switch your comments over to Disqus? Simply go to Settings > Comments, and look for the "Disqus Comments" option.


Disqus lets you review and respond to your comments right from your Disqus account and even download analytic information for your records.  You also have more control on who to blacklist and whitelist on your blog.  You can easily export your previous Typepad comments to Disqus so there are no comments lost in your history.   We have more information on to how integrate Disqus to your blog in our Knowledge Base.

Disqus is one of the largest commenting programs around - we even use it here at Everything Typepad! Disqus is also designed to increase user audience and user connections which can lead to more traffic for your blog. By tapping into their already established community, your blog posts are available to more viewers and potential engaging dialogue.

Have you added Disqus to your blog? Let us know what you think of it so far!

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