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Introducing Integrated Domain Registration and Mapping. Plus a Holiday Giveaway!

It used to be that setting up domain mapping, which allows you to use your own custom domain with your blog, required you to go through a third-party. You had to figure out what registrar to use, go through their site to set up a CNAME record, and then come back to Typepad to complete the process.

Typepad is all about making blogging as simple for you as possible.  With that in mind, we have paired with OrderBox for domain registration.  Now, at Account > Domain Mapping, you can help establish your brand by searching for, purchasing, and mapping a custom domain all from Typepad.

Most domains are very inexpensive (ranging from just a few dollars to $15 a year for registration), so it's a great way to strengthen your brand for not a lot of money.  You can map subdomains and it also comes with two e-mail addresses.

Domain registration is currently available to our Beta Team.

To register your domain within Typepad, you'll first go to Account > Domain Mapping.  Once there, you'll see this section:


You'll first need to search for the domain name you'd like to use.  We have a variety of top-level domains like .com, .net, .eu, and more to choose from.  After you click the "Check Availability" button, you'll be redirected to OrderBox to choose the domain you'd like to register.  You'll complete the process there and get returned to Typepad to approve the agreement.  Once you've done that, you'll complete the registration from within Orderbox.

After doing that, you'll be sent back to Typepad where you'll see a new section called Domain Map with Typepad.  From there you can enter the subdomain you'd like to map with your new domain.  Most people will use the www, but you can map any subdomain like blog, shop, or more.

One you complete this, Typepad will begin the process of creating a CNAME record for your custom domain.  You won't need to go to another site or do anything else.


You'll need to wait for the DNS to propagate which usually happens in less than 24 hours but can take up to 72 hours.  You'll know it's time to activate the domain mapping when you visit the domain URL and see the Typepad logo favicon. You can also verify that your CNAME record exists correctly. We have more information on this in our Knowledge Base.

We'd love to have some of our Beta Team members use this super handy feature! As a holiday gift from us, the first three members who register a new domain will get $14.95 (the cost of a Pro Unlimited account for one month) in credit applied to their Typepad account.

You'll still need to use your Typepad billing method to purchase the domain, but once you've done that, simply open a help ticket, one of our support team members will verify that you're one of the first three members, and will manually apply the credit to your account.

We're very excited for this new feature and hope you find it as useful as we do!   If you have any questions, we're always here, so just let us know!

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