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There are so many great blogs on Typepad, covering every subject you can imagine from business to bartending, parenting to printmaking. We regularly scout for great blogs in the Typepad Showcase that fit a particular theme and are guaranteed to inspire. Today, we've rounded up some of the best of Typepad's tax business and law bloggers, seasoned professionals who are here to help and educate. Click over and visit - after all, 'tis the season!

Don't Mess With Taxes:
Texas journalist Kay Bell translates taxes into money-saving English, helping make your tax tasks less, well, taxing.

Don't Mess With Taxes

Economist's View:
Economics professor and CBS News finance writer Mark Thoma offers up lessons and editorial narrative on a variety of money and tax related topics.

Econimist's View

Tom Copeland's Taking Care of Business:
Tom Copeland has carefully crafted a great blog on running a childcare business, focusing on everything from record keeping to taxes to money management and retirement planning.

Tom Copeland's Taking Care of Business

TaxProf Blog:
Smartly edited by Pepperdine University School of Law Professor Paul L. Caron, TaxProf Blog offers up smart advice and news from around the tax world and academia.

TaxProf Blog

Our Taxing Times:
Our Taxing Times is a blog about US taxes, the tax system, and the tax preparation business from the perspective of a tax professional and business owner.

Our Taxing Times

We hope you enjoyed this week's roundup of fantastic Typepad blogs! Check out more great business finds right here. Interested in joining the Typepad Showcase? Submit your blog today - you might just see yourself in the spotlight!

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