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The Big Impact: How small changes can level up your blog’s look


Welcome to our series on making small changes that are guaranteed to help level up your blog's look. Every other week we’ll debut a new post, profiling some great blogs for inspiration that employ Typepad's built-in features. We'll also offer up tips and tricks that can help improve your blog's appeal, gain new readers, and build a more engaged community.

One smart thing that successful Typepad bloggers do is take advantage of the many features offered at every level, from Plus, to Premium, and beyond. Ranging from simple to complex, these features and tweaks allow our bloggers to make small changes that can have a big impact.

This week, we're featuring two Typepad bloggers who are taking advantage of Typepad's built-in design features by using the Theme Builder, custom banners, and Sidebar elements in creative ways. These blogs feature clean, classic lines and organized content, well-placed images and keen use of color; all elements that work together to ensure an eye-catching, memorable design. Want to level up your blog's appeal, too? Read on.

Second Story Window is the joint effort of Heidi and Emily, two sisters with a love of teaching. Their passion for making education fun is reflected in their eye-catching design, featuring bright pops of color and lots of graphical elements to help you navigate around their blog:

Second Story Window

Check the Knowledge Base for tips on adding your own custom banner, or let us show you how easy it can be to create your own design with our Theme Builder.

Leigh-Ann is the blogger behind Freckled Nest, a Graphic Design & Brand Development company. Her blog is clean and contemporary, focusing on content and drawing the eye with bright spots of color. Swapping the traditional across-the-top banner with a stylish sidebar makes her design unique:


Want to make your Sidebar look smarter? We'll teach you how to add custom content, display a carousel, and easily add images. It's all in our Knowledge Base!

All blogs featured in our current series can be found in the Typepad Showcase! If you think you have what it takes to be in the spotlight, submit your own blog today!


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