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Welcome to our series on making small changes that are guaranteed to help level up your blog's look. Every other week we’ll debut a new post, profiling some great blogs for inspiration that employ Typepad's built-in features. We'll also offer up tips and tricks that can help improve your blog's appeal, gain new readers, and build a more engaged community. Check out our other posts in the series here!

In our latest topical series, discussing how small changes can make a big impact, we've covered custom banners and sidebar headers. Today, we're continuing the discussion by reviewing an often overlooked area: navigation.

The navigation bar, and the content you add to it, is one of the few items that readers see on the first load of your blog. No matter the type of blog, no matter the content, readers need to be able to locate the most important parts of what your blog has to offer. Making the navigation bar the hub for your readers allows them to easily return and find what they're looking for. Examples of how to make certain your navigation bar is easily seen is what we're sharing today.

First, Oh Joy! demonstrates how a simple navigation bar can stand out against a minimalistic design, leaving no room for readers to be distracted and unable to locate key areas.

Oh Joy!

Next, Imagine Childhood highlights specific areas of their blog's content by utilizing custom images, in place of text, to create an eye-catching focal point.

Imagine Childhood

Want to know more about the navigation bar and how to style it? Our Knowledge Base has the answers you seek. Need help turning an idea for your navigation bar into reality? We're a help ticket away from your actualizing what you've already imagined.

All blogs featured in our current series can be found in the Typepad Showcase! If you think you have what it takes to be in the spotlight, submit your own blog today!


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