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Individual Accounts Now Used for Bitly Links

Recently bit.ly made changes to how their system interacts with Typepad.  We took this opportunity to upgrade the experience for you, our subscribers!

If you weren't already familiar with bit.ly, they are a free service you can use to shorten the length of permalinks when sharing posts around the web. The shorter links will automatically be used when sharing to Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Bitly to track traffic to every post on your blog.

What this change means to you, is that now you can easily integrate your own personal bit.ly account into Typepad, allowing you to view your blog's bit.ly links within your own bit.ly account.  Previously these links were housed within Typepad's own bit.ly account.  This change means that you can see all of your links in one place, including the ones you shared through Typepad.

To use your own bit.ly account, simply go to Settings > Add-Ons and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You'll see a section for bit.ly.  Click on their orange logo and you'll be redirected to their site.  Approve the connection and you're done!

image from help-orig.typepad.com

Now, when you go to Overview and click the bit.ly listed under "Recent Social Media Traffic," the links listed there will allow you to view additional information on their clicks under your own bit.ly account. Just click a link to get more detailed stats.  Any links created previously will still retain their stats.

Don't have a bit.ly account yet?  You can register for free here.

We have more information on this topic in our helpful Knowledge Base.

Have any questions or need help with something?  Assistance is just a click away!


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