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Update to Typepad Comments: No More CAPTCHA

You may have noticed the great strides Typepad has made over the years with comment spam.  We've changed systems, implemented different strategies on the backend, and given you additional tools so that you can join in as well.

We're confident in these changes and how they've made a positive impact on Typepad, so we are removing the option to require a comment verification.  This is also known as CAPTCHA.

If you're not sure what a CAPTCHA is, it's a way of verifying a commenter is not a robot by entering an alphanumeric string.  However, the option that we added that puts a JavaScript requirement in place last year provides the same function.

While it may sound conflicting to remove the CAPTCHA, we often get reports from readers that are frustrated with trying to read it.  Due to many of the aforementioned changes, the comments that CAPTCHA was designed to flag as spam will already be caught.  Removing the CAPTCHA will help alleviate reader pain points while leaving your comments as safe as they were before.

If you haven't already, we recommend making sure that you've enabled the option that requires readers to have JavaScript on to comment at Settings > Comments.  This will not affect a vast majority of your commenters, but will greatly help stop spammers.

You can read more about your comment settings in our Knowledge Base article.


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