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Featured Blog: Дом, в который хочется приходить

NAME: Barbara Lyalyagina
BLOG: Дом, в который хочется приходить (Home to Come)
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Lifestyle blogger Barbara Lyalyagina writes from home in St. Petersburg, Russia, and all around the world. A journalist by trade, she also contributes to Lisa Magazine, and tries her hand at various interesting projects which frequently end up on her blog. Truly a "home away from home" for her readers, Дом, в который хочется приходить (Home to Come) is for all those who are not afraid to be happy, and who are willing to find happiness in the small things that surround us. She believes that a home can be comfortable only if its inhabitants are happy, and devotes her time to striking that balance!

Home to Come

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