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Getting To Know Nimble: Navigation Bar


Welcome to Getting to Know Nimble, a special series full of tips and tricks to make our new Design Lab work for you. In this series, we'll take a look at everything the Nimble Design Lab has to offer, what it can do, and how you can utilize its features to make your blog stand out. Check out the rest of the posts in this series here!

Last time, we learned about styling your Highlight Bar that appears over your post excerpt images.  Today we are going to focus on the Navigation Bar. 

With the Nimble Design Lab, you have more options on how to display your Navigation Bar than other themes.  From displaying text links, Social Media icons, or a slide out menu - we got you covered!

With the Nimble theme, at Design > Style, you can preview any changes before you save them.  The "Navigation" section allows you to select if you want to display text links, icons, or leave it blank. 

You can also give the Navigation Bar background and its links a new color and different font style.  If you do not select a color for your Navigation Bar, the color will default to your blog's background color.


A popular request we got was the option to keep the Navigation Bar pinned to the top of the page as you scroll down the blog.  You can enable this by selecting "Yes" for the option "Pin nav bar to top."

If your banner does not include the title of your blog on it, you may want to display your blog's name in the Navigation Bar. You can easily do this by selecting "Yes" for the option "Show blog title in nav."


If you choose to display text links instead of icons, the "Pancake" stack menu button on the left will not appear.  This option only appears when you select to have icons displayed.  You will still need to go to Design > Content > Navigation Bar, to enter what links appear in your Navigation.


About that "Pancake" button, this is a brand new feature in our Nimble theme.  Instead of displaying your text links in your Navigation Bar, visitors can click this button and your Navigation Bar will slide out from the left.


You can change the style of the font in your Navigation Bar by clicking the "Font" menu and select the font for your links.  This will work for text Navigation links or the links that appear in your slider menu when you select the font for your blog title (if displayed).

Nav5Your Navigation Bar is one of the most important elements of your blog so if you utilize this feature, remember to keep it easy and functional for your readers. 


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