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How to promote your content with Click to Tweet


As a blogger, you already know that your readers are one of your best resources for sharing your content; they regularly click the buttons in your post footers to like your stuff on Facebook, share on Twitter, and pin on Pinterest, helping to spread the word about your blog, and grow your audience.

To make it even easier for your readers to share your content - and even give your older, relevant content a boost - consider adding tweetable links to your blog posts! A tweetable link allows your readers to quickly share your content with a single click, and it's easier than you might think with Click to Tweet!

To get started, just head to Click to Tweet and choose the option for Basic Link or Dynamic Link. To start with Basic (completely free, and it works well for most bloggers), just click Basic Link:


For Dynamic Links (your first five are free), just sign in with Twitter, authorize the app, and you're ready to go!

So, what's the difference between Dynamic and Basic Links? With Dynamic Links, you can easily view and keep track of the links you've created in the past, and will have access to edit, view stats, and more. Again, users on the Free plan are limited to five Dynamic Links, so if you find them useful, you might want to upgrade to a Premium plan.

For most users, however, Basic Links are all you need, so that's where we'll focus today. Just create your link by adding your text and the link you'd like tweeted, then click Generate New Link. Next, copy the URL, and you're ready to go. Hint: if you go over the 140 character limit, shorten your URL with Bitly (read more about Bitly in our Knowledge Base!):


Once you've copied your link, sign in to your Typepad account, and in the body of your post, add the text you want readers to tweet. Then, add something like "tweet this," highlight the "tweet this" text and then create a link in your editor to the URL you'd like to link to, pasting in the URL provided by Click To Tweet.

Highlight your link text and click the Insert Link button: Add_a_link

Then, add the link from Click to Tweet!


Tip: Use a blockquote and other formatting options to make it stand out, like so (if you're using the Edit HTML tab - with Rich Text, What You See Is What You Get!):


Finish your post and publish it, and your link will look something like this:

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Try it out by clicking the Tweet This link above! You can add as many Tweet This links to your post as you'd like, but keeping it to a minimum is probably a good idea - less is more, after all.

And there you go! Click to Tweet makes it easy for your audience to promote your content!

We hope you enjoyed this handy guide, and found it helpful! Are there other topics like this you'd love to see us cover? Let us know in the comments!


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