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FAQ: You have questions? We have answers!

FAQ: You have questions? We have answers!

As a Typepad subscriber, if you've ever had a question about blogging, chances are you've either perused our handy Knowledge Base, browsed the archives here at Everything Typepad, or opened a Help Ticket in your Dashboard. Our Community and Support team receives many of these every day, and in this special series, we'll be answering some of our best, most Frequently Asked Questions.

We're looking to address a number of questions that we receive, based on features that tend to require a bit more explanation. We'll tackle these topics in a Question and Answer format for brevity, so as not to create the very confusion we're hoping to clear up. So, what can you expect to learn more about in this new FAQ series? Here's a little sampling:

  • Beta (What it means; What's expected; Which features are in beta, and more!)
  • Social Media (What's integrated; When to use it; Why it's worth using.)
  • Domain Mapping (Domain registration at Typepad; What's a CNAME; Subdomain vs Top-level.)

To get us started, let's review the ways in which you can reach Typepad Support:

Q: How do I open a help ticket?

At the top of all accounts is a Dashboard bar with quick-access links. The second to last link on the far right is the Help link. Click that to be taken to the Help screen. You will see that the main area directs you to search the Knowledge Base to help you locate the answer to your question. If that doesn't cover what you need help with, click New Ticket on the left of the screen and submit your question.

Q: What if I can't access my account to open a ticket?

We have several ways in which you can reach us, and you're probably already using the tools to do so.

  • First, there's email. Send an email, with all relevant info, to support@typepad.com
  • Next, there's Twitter. You can send us a brief message, using @typepad, and we'll answer questions you have there (unless we feel they require too long of a response, in which case we'll ask to move the conversation elsewhere).
  • Finally, there's Facebook. If you forget the support email address and don't use Twitter, feel free to send us a message to our Facebook account.

Q: Is there a way to check if Typepad is currently down?

Typepad has a Status page, that allows us to share with users when Typepad is down or when some users are experiencing intermittent issues. This doesn't happen often, but it's important to us to get that message out to users as quickly and clearly as possible. You can find the Status page at status.typepad.com. If you're unsure if you'll be able to remember that, and you're a Twitter user, perform a search for #typepadstatus, and save the search query (from the search results page, click the 'more options' link and then 'save search').

Is there a topic or feature not listed above that you find yourself needing help with too often? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for a whole new FAQ segment.


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