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Set a Landing Page for your Blog or Website

When visitors first arrive at your blog, you may want to present a single webpage which shares the purpose of your site or information you wish to highlight, instead of the list of recent blog posts. By creating a Page and setting it as the Front Page, you can make the page the first page visitors to your site see.

Why would you want to set a landing page?

  • You wish to create a more traditional website with multiple web pages, like for a business or service.
  • A majority of your existing readers receive new posts via a subscription, and you want new visitors to see options to subscribe via email, social media, and more when they find your site from an online search.
  • You want to let visitors know about a promotion or special event.

To set up a Landing Page, create a Page by selecting New Page from the Compose button drop-down menu. Once a Page has been published, go to Settings > Posts for your blog and scroll down to the Front Page section.

Front Page Settings

Select the Display a “Page” as the front page option and choose one of the published pages from the drop-down menu. Finally, click Save Changes.

If you wish to direct visitors from the Landing Page to the list of recent posts, you can include a link to the blog index in the Navigation Bar. The URL for the blog index will be listed in the Front Page settings after you save changes as mentioned above.

For more details on creating a Landing Page, see the article in the Knowledge Base.


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