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Adding a copyright notice to your blog's sidebar

While copyright law automatically protects all original content you post to your blog, adding a copyright notice to the sidebar can be a good way to remind readers and visitors that your content is your own.

Typepad offers a copyright module that you can easily add to your blog's sidebar. Go to the Design > Content page for your blog and locate "Copyright" in the list of modules. When you click the "Add this module" button, a pop-up window will open. This is automatically filled with the code to display a copyright symbol (i.e., ©) and your blog's name. If that's all you need, click OK and then drag and drop the module to the place you'd like to have it in your sidebar.

Copyright module

If you would like to add more information to the copyright notice, or to replace it with different information, make those changes in the content area of the module, then click "OK" and drag and drop the module into place.

When you check your published blog after adding the module, you'll see the copyright notice in the sidebar where you placed it, reminding everybody who reads your blog that you own your content.


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