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Design Tools: Custom CSS

We recently shared a breakdown of the different theme types available to users, and what they offer. As mentioned in that post, you may want to boost a pre-designed theme to make it closer to the vision you have for your blog's brand. CSS is the ideal go-to, allowing you to make both small and large changes. Thus enters the Custom CSS feature, available to Unlimited accounts and above.

As a design tool, the Custom CSS feature is unequivocally the most valuable feature for Typepad bloggers. It provides users, who don't want to customize from the template code up, an opportunity to customize their blog's look beyond the initial design.

Changes that can be made range from the tiniest tweak, like changing the color of linked text, to complex edits, like utilizing CSS3 animation for the navigation bar or even shifting content around. There's quite a lot that can be achieved with CSS, and we have a large number of posts in our archives that teach you how to make a variety of changes. We have a CSS Cookbook for even further tips and tricks.

Here is a list of common changes that users make to pre-designed themes:

There is a lot you can do with CSS, and the above tips are only to get you started. We recommend utilizing your test blog in order to try different ideas and make the best design decisions for your blog.


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