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Updating the Post Settings for the Front Page

If you don't have a landing page set as the front page, you have several options for displaying the recent posts on your blog. Go to Settings > Posts to choose the settings which best meet your needs. When adjusting the settings, keep in mind how visitors will be reading your posts and make it easy for new and longtime readers to navigate around your website.

We are offering up a couple tips for utilizing the available Post Settings:

Posts to Display - We suggest setting the number of posts to display per index page that allows readers to see at least the posts published in the last week. Ten posts per page is a good number. If you post frequently or multiple posts per day, you can keep the front page fresh by displaying only the posts published within the last 1-2 days.

Navigation Links - At the end of the index pages, it is helpful to have clearly identified navigation links allowing readers to visit older posts. Older/Newer and Next/Previous are commonly used terms for website navigation.

Post Settings

Do you have any recommendations for setting up your blog or website? Let us know in the comments!


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