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Blog Spring Cleaning Part 1: Sidebars

The Spring Equinox is swiftly approaching and with it comes sunshine, flowers and lots and lots of spring cleaning. We recommend taking a break from cleaning out your closets and under the stairs to turn your attention to your blog.

The great thing about Typepad is that we do all of the back end heavy lifting for you but it's still great to take some time to tend to your blog's settings and design once in a while.

Today, we're going to start with a simple checklist to keep your blog's sidebars neat and up-to-date. Let's start on the Blogs > Design > Content page. Here are some items to check:

  • If you have an "about me" blurb, is it up-to-date with a recent photo?
  • If you have a copyright notice, are the dates correct?
  • Are your social media profile URLs correct? Do you have any new URLs to add?
  • Are there any Pages that can be updated or pruned?
  • Are there any outdated Photo Albums that can be dropped?
  • Are all of your third-party widgets in working order? Are there any that can be cleared to reduce clutter?
  • Are there any ads that are under-performing? Can those be moved to a different spot or removed entirely?
  • Do you have any redundant or unnecessary modules?
  • Are there any modules on the Content page that you haven't tried before? We have lots to select from!

Next, take a look at Library > Typelists and check the following for any lists you have enabled for your blog:

  • Are all of the links functioning and pointing to the correct location?
  • Are there any links that are outdated or no longer relevant?
  • Do you have the most recent logo for any affiliations or groups you link to?
  • If you have media Typelists for books or music, are those showing recent items?

That's it! A little decluttering can make a big difference with the appearance and load time of your blog. Keep an eye out for more spring cleaning tips in the coming weeks and feel free to share yours in the comments for this post.


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