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More Feed Options with FeedBlitz

We've talked about how to set up your RSS feed and even how to e-mail your blog posts to readers, but did you know that if you connected your blog to FeedBlitz, you could learn a wealth of information about your feed?

Some of the information you can learn from FeedBlitz includes:

  • See statistics on circulation of feed, top posts, and track subscribers.
  • Monetize your feed.
  • Optimize your feed for podcasting.
  • Easily distribute updates to your blog to subscribers via email and social media.
  • Splice your feed with other services you use, like Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.

You'll simply need to follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base on how to register with FeedBlitz and how to connect to Typepad.  Once you've done that, you can use your feed's statistics to learn more about your blog's readers!

What are you waiting for?  Head over to our Knowledge Base and get started!


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