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Add custom sidebar content with the Embed Your Own HTML module

One of Typepad's most versatile features is one that's been around awhile so you might have overlooked it. It's the Embed Your Own HTML module.

Have ads you would like to display on your blog? A third-party widget? Text you want to display? The Embed Your Own HTML module can handle all of these and more.

Go to the Design > Content page for your blog in Typepad and locate Embed your own HTML in the listing of modules. Click the "Add this module" button. This will open a pop-up window.

Custom HTML module

We recommend that you give it a unique label so that you remember what content is in the module. The label will not appear on your blog so you can call it whatever you would like.

Copy and paste the code or write the text that you want to display into the "HTML" field, then click "OK" and drag and drop the module to the place you want it to appear in the sidebar.

Have you found a clever use for the Embed Your Own HTML module on your own blog? Are there other highly versatile Typepad features you feel are often overlooked and would like us to highlight? Let us know in the comments!


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