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Let's talk add-ons!

There are areas in your Typepad account that you may not remember, or even know, exist. Do you know where you can consider enabling Disqus comments, setting up Google Analytics, using Typekit for custom fonts, or connecting to a account?

In your Settings, there is an Add-On section, which is where you can find more than a few areas in which to boost different areas of your blog. Let's learn more about them at Blog > Settings > Add-Ons!

Disqus Comments

Typepad offers an option to integrate Disqus comments into your blog. This offers greater options for you and your readers for commenting. Learn more.

Google Analytics

A comprehensive, in-depth look at your blog's traffic, Google Analytics is a feature you should make full use of; and it's pretty easy to setup! Learn more.

Typekit Fonts

Typekit is a font provider that allows you to set custom fonts for your entire blog. All you need to know is the CSS class or ID for the area you wish to apply the font, and then integrate that font library into your blog in the Add-ons section. Learn more. Link Shortener

Using a link shortening service is a great way to fit your content into 140 characters, and Typepad makes it easy to integrate your existing Bitly account. With the integration comes the additional statistics that Bitly tracks for the shortened URLs. Learn more.

And that's that! Are there other services you wish you could integrate into Typepad in an easy way? We'd love to hear what those are, and why they're important to you.


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