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Introducing an Improved Mobile Compose Experience!

Your life takes place on the go, usually with your smart phone in your hand.  Odds are there's going to be a thing or two you want to blog about. With the new improved mobile compose that we've released, this will be even easier for you to do.

Subscribers wanting to blog via their smartphones will now be able to log into their account and browse to the Compose screen and see the following Rich Text screen:

Smartphone Compose Screen

In the smartphone experience, you will have access to the majority of the compose editor features. This screen is available to all mobile devices and is not limited to operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows).

Here's a brief rundown on what's available:

  • Title field
  • Categories
    Click the icon to expand your existing category list, select one or more categories, then return to the editor
  • Rich Text editor features
    Format text, insert links, photos, and videos
  • Excerpt field
  • Meta Keywords field
  • Publish Status
  • Comment Status
  • Source code
    Edit your post's HTML by clicking the <> button

Here are a few screenshots of what you can expect to see in the mobile experience:

Selecting multiple categories.


There are several different sources you can use to add images to your post.

Note: not all devices preserve the correct orientation of photos, so you will need to use your device's built-in image editor, or a third-party app, to re-save the orientation (e.g. in iOS Camera Roll, open the image, tap Edit, rotate the image until it's back in the correct orientation, then tap Done).

For tablet users, depending on resolution, you will either see the above compose screen or the full Rich Text editor. For example, an iPad Mini may see the above screen, while a full sized iPad would see the same full Rich Text editor that desktop users see.

All subscribers should now have the new Compose experience and be able to get their blog out on the go.  If you have any questions or need any help, simply let our Support Team know and we'll be happy to assist you!


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