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Differentiate Blogs within your Typepad Account with Custom Domains

Books-education-school-literature-51342Do you have multiple blogs in your Typepad account that cover different subjects? If so, a great way to differentiate the blogs is to map a custom domain to each one. This is easy to do and allows you to manage all your blogs from the same Typepad account.

When you create a Typepad account, you choose a or subdomain, and each blog in the account will use the same subdomain. For example:

Now, you can register and map a custom domain to each blog which shows visitors the blogs are separate. Continuing with the above example addresses:

Map to to change the address to:
Map to to change the address to:
Map to to change the address to:

Visitors to your site will only see the custom domain, and search engines will index the pages of your site using the custom domain.

Ready to get started? Sign in to your Typepad account and click to Account > Domain Mapping to register and map your own custom domain. Learn more.


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