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Promote your Book, Shop, or other items in sidebar with a linked image


Do you have a book, online shop, or website that you want to promote on your blog? A great way to highlight a link to an outside website is with a compelling graphic in your sidebar. Typepad makes adding a linked image to your sidebar easy with the Add a Sidebar Image module.

At Design > Content, select the Widgets category, choose the Add a Sidebar Image module, and click the Add this module button. A pop-up box will open with several options.

Insert Sidebar Image

  • Label: The label will not appear on your blog though it will help to identify the module at Design > Content.
  • Caption: The caption will appear below the image in the sidebar.
  • Target URL: Enter the URL, including the http://, for the location the image is to link.
  • Link options:
    • Open original image in a pop-up: This option will open the original image in a pop-up window. You would not select this option if you want the image to link to an outside website.
    • Open Target URL in a new tab/window: This option is recommended to link to your book, online shop, or other website that you wish to highlight. Clicking the image will open the outside website in a new tab or window.
    • Open Target URL in the same tab/window: With this option, clicking the image will open the link in the same window. This is not recommended as the reader will be directed away from your blog.
    • No link. Do not open a pop-up or tab/window: The image will not be a link with this option.

Most likely you will want to select the Open Target URL in a new tab/window option. Next, you will upload the image you want to link. Click the Upload Image button. Click the Choose File or Browse button to view and select the image file from your computer.

Insert Image

Click Insert Image and then click OK. Drag the module to the preferred location in the sidebar. Finally, click Save Changes to update the published blog with the new module.

Now, you have promoted your items for sale or outside website with an image that will grab a visitor's attention!


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