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Making Money With Your Blog: Creating a Paywall

Making Money With Your Blog- Creating a Paywall

Today, we'll teach you how to use Typepad's multiple usernames feature. Using this feature, you can create a paywall on your blog. Readers would not be able to read select posts unless they have paid. Once paid, you can create a unique username and password, just for them..

If you sell content of some sort on your blog - anything from life coaching lessons to a recipe for a specific food dish or even a card made with stamping supplies - with individual password protection, you can make the content available to your readers, but only after they pay you to access it.

To set this up, you can create a main post or Typepad Page that has information on your subscription and rates.  On that page, you can link directly to PayPal so people can pay you or you can add an e-mail link so that people can contact you before paying you.

Once they pay you for the content, you would go to Settings > Basics and create a new username and password for each paid reader.  After doing this,  you would simply go to the post(s) with the paid content and check the box for their username.

Setting individual access for a post.

The reader would then be able to see the content the next time they visited your blog.  This means you only have to keep up content on one blog, granting access to the content only to those that you want to be able to view it. It's a snap to set up a paywall this way.  You can learn more about this feature in our Knowledge Base.

Have you set up a paywall yet for your blog?  What kind of content are you selling behind yours?


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