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Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats with your coffee)

This blog is about dogs and cats. It is also the home of Winnie’s Wish Cat Rescue & Shelter. Discover the pictures of the Winnie’s Wish cats and kittens available for adoption. If you cannot adopt a pet, they have an Amazon Holiday Wish List to help you donate today!

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Moms Against Hunger

Moms Against Hunger provides food for children, as well as care for families who are in poverty around the world. Over 65 million meals have been shipped through the years through Moms Against Hunger to many different countries. They focus on inspiring mothers to become involved in feeding the children and needy within their own countries.

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A Future And A Hop

Johnny Brooks and his wife, Kate, live in Kasambara, Kenya. They are working towards providing hopeful futures to orphaned and/or abandoned children. Helping those they could, they let 9 girls move in with their family. School is not free and they do what they can to keep everyone in school. Your support can help them give children in Kenya an education.

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