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10 Cheesy Riddles for Christmas

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Merry Christmas from Typepad

We hope your holiday is filled with friends, family, and fun! To help make everyone smile, here are some Christmas themed riddles. 

Mom, can I have a dog for Christmas?
No, you can have turkey like everyone else.

Who is never hungry at Christmas?
The turkey, he is always stuffed.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

Why are Christmas trees like bad knitters?
They both drop their needles.

Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
In the dictionary.

When Santa Claus sets off from the North Pole on Christmas Eve, in which direction does he travel?
South. Everywhere is south from the North Pole.

What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looked up in the sky?
Looks like rain dear.

Why is Santa so good at Karate?
Because he has a black belt.

What is the best present you can receive for Christmas?
A broken drum. You just can't beat it!


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