Typepad Blogger Weekly Roundup
Typepad Blogger Weekly Roundup

Typepad Blogger Weekly Roundup

Typepad Bloggers Weekly Roundup 2 (1)
Every week we share Typepad blogs that have caught our eye and been shared over social media.  Check them out!

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Looking for a good movie? Check out Brian Orndorf's blog and read his review to see which movie will be a part of your next movie night!

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The Hannah Family follows a large family of 7 people and 7 pets. From Pat (74) to Dave (13); follow their life and read about how they stay strong and keep moving forward.

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Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your coffee) shares the stories of a private animal rescuer.  Featuring dogs and cats, scroll down to see who is up for adoption and read their stories.

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The perfect blog to read with your best dog friend! The Poodle (and Dog) Blog celebrates the remarkable, the ordinary, and the very funny dogs that share our world.

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Danger Dog Blog shares folk art from the Himalayas. Come for the dogs, stay for the dogs! Great stories behind every piece.

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Harriete Estel Berman blog, Ask Harriete, is about her art, being a professional artist, and promoting solutions for recurring issues in the art and craft community. 

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Surrender, Dorthy is written by Rita Arens.  She started this blog after the birth of her daughter to capture all of their amazing moments together.

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See The Gate City like a local. Greensboro Daily Photo is a daily photo blog taking the time to enjoy and share Greensboro and its surrounding area.


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