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Why You May Want Multiple Domains

Domain Mapping using a CNAME Record

Domain Mapping is set up using a CNAME Record to point your custom domain to your Typepad blog.

What is a CNAME?

CNAME is short for canonical name and is a record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which maps one domain to another. DNS can use other record types, but with Typepad, we use the CNAME Record.

Finding Your CNAME

The CNAME is the domain name for your Typepad account. Some examples are: superfriendscook.typepad.com and adventureswiththor.blogs.com. Go to Account and look for the Domain.


Once you know the CNAME, you can set up Domain Mapping. At your registrar, you will need to manage the DNS for your domain. Edit or add a CNAME for the domain's www alias or other subdomain.

The CNAME does not include https:// or any trailing /'s.

You can map a different custom domain to each blog in your Typepad account. However, the CNAME Record used to set up Domain Mapping will be the same. When you add the domain to your Typepad account, you select the blog to map the domain - not at your domain registrar.

It can take some time for the changes to the DNS to resolve. You can quickly check to see if the CNAME is in place using the tool here: https://mxtoolbox.com/ Enter the custom domain name in the text field and click MX Lookup. If your CNAME is listed next to the custom domain, you can continue with the Domain Mapping set up.


In Typepad, go to Account > Domain Mapping and click Begin Here to add your custom domain. Learn more.


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