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Add A Google Album To Your Blog

Add A Google Album To Your Blog

Have you ever been in this scenario? 

You're out on a great adventure and you take a tone of pictures with your phone. You create a great Google Photo album to share with your readers. Now you need to add it to your blog. Google doesn't offer embed code so now what do you do? 

No need to worry. You can create embed code using! It's fast and easy to use. Let us show you how. 

Create Embed Code Google Album Options

First, you'll need to create a Google Photo Album. If you already have an album created, open the album you want to use. On the top right, click on the 3 dots, then Options. 

Next to Collaborate, turn it off. Collaborate allows others to add to your album. Now copy the Link To Share. 

Once you have the URL go to and paste in the URL. 

Embed Code Generator

A preview of the code will show below the URL. You can customize the code on the right hand side. Here you can add social buttons to the images, choose a dark theme, and embed SEO. You can also customize the width of the display and align the display. Once you are done customizing the display you can copy the code generated. 

Quick Tip: To keep the album mobile responsive leave the width on auto. 

Add To Typepad

To Publish on a Post

From the compose page, click on the Source Code button (<>). In the pop up, you will see the code for your post. Put your cursor where you want the album and paste in the embed code, then click on OK. On the compose page, you will only see text from the album. When you preview or publish the post, it will show the first image in your album. When readers click on the album, it will open in Google for them. 

Google Album PostTo Publish on a Sidebar

You can also make an album to share on the sidebar of your blog. When you create the code in, you want to change the width to be 150 or smaller. 

Click on the Blogs tab, then the name of the blog. Click on the Design tab, then Content. Under Modules, select Embed Your Own HTML, then Add This Module. In the pop up, give the Module a label (like Google Album) and paste in your embed code. After the code add <br>. Click on OK, then Save Changes. 

Google Album code and sidebarNow your readers can view and comment on images from your latest adventure! Share with us what you would add to your Google Album. is a great tool and can be used to embed anything that gives you a URL. Here are some examples from The New York Post and Reddit. 

Embeddly post


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