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Using your Amazon Associates ID with Books & Albums Typelists

After you set up your Amazon Associates account, you can add your associates ID to your Typepad account. Go to Account > Other Accounts, select Amazon from the drop-down menu, and click Add.

Other Accounts

In the pop-up box, select your local vendor from the drop-down menu, enter your Amazon Associates ID, and click Save.


Now, your Amazon Associates ID will be used for links to Amazon items included in Books and Albums Typelists.

Creating a new Typelist

To create a new Typelist, open the Library menu and select Typelists. Click the Add A Typelist link.

The type of Typelist will need to be Books or Albums in order to select items from Amazon which use your associates ID. Regardless of whether you select Books or Albums, you can mix and match items from Amazon and include items which aren't books or albums.

Add Typelist

Enter a List Name which will appear as a heading above the list in your blog's sidebar. Click Create New Typelist to get started adding items to the list.

Adding Amazon items to the Typelist

In the Add Item section, you will need to use the Quick Add search to find the item on Amazon. If you enter the details for the item manually, the item will not link to Amazon using your associates ID.

Add Item

Enter your keywords to search the Amazon database and click Go. Tip: If you want to link to a specific item, grab the ASIN (for non-books) or ISBN (for books) from Amazon and use that number in the Quick Add search. A list of results from Amazon will appear.

Choose Selected

You can select the item based on the thumbnail image or the specific item you wish to link on Amazon. Click Choose Selected. After reviewing the item details, click Save Changes.

To add the Typelist to your blog, open the Blogs menu, select your blog, and click to Design > Content. Select "Your Typelists" from the Categories list, choose the correct module, and click Add This Module. You can drag the Typelist to the preferred location in the sidebar and click Save Changes.

When you view your blog and click any links in the Books or Albums Typelists, the link will take you to the Amazon page using your associates ID in the URL. You'll get credit to your Associates account if anyone buys an item through your links!

Note: You can add new items to the Typelists at Library > Typelists, and the module on your blog will update automatically with the new items. Update your Typelists and rotate items regularly to get more click-throughs.

How do you use Books & Albums Typelists? Share a link to your blogs in the comments so we can take a look!


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