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Create A Landing Page For Instagram With Pages!

Create a landing page for Instagram with pages!

Recently we posted about Linktree, a platform that allows you to link to multiple URLs in Instagram. While writing the post, we got to thinking… You could do the same thing by creating a page in Typepad! 

With a Typepad page, you can create a landing page to use as your Instagram bio link. Creating the page in Typepad allows you to keep your blog branding and you don’t have another account to keep track of. Let’s get started creating your landing page. 

From your Typepad account, click on the Blogs tab, then the name of your blog. Click on the Posts tab, then Pages. Here you will see all the pages for your blog. Click on New Page to create a page. 

Create a Typepad page with border

Here is where you will design the landing page for Instagram (works exactly like creating a blog post). Once you are done designing your page, click on Publish. Copy the page URL and add that to your Instagram account. 

If you are not sure what to add to your landing page, here are some suggestions: 

  • Link to your blog. 
    • If your blog doesn't have a navigation bar or home link, make it easy to view your blog quickly from the landing page. 
  • Links to recent posts you promoted on Instagram.
    • We recommend you have your most recent post and your most popular posts linked on your landing page. Make it easy for readers to find the posts. 
  • Social Media Channels.
    • When not on Instagram, where are other places your readers can find you? 
  • Links to popular categories
    • Categories are a great way to expose readers to other parts of your blog. Share links to a few popular categories to encourage them to explore your blog so more. 

We would love to see the landing page you create for Instagram. Share the link in the comments! What tips would you add to encourage readers to explore your blog?


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