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Are Your Images Uploading Sideways? Here's A Quick Image Tip.

Composing posts with a smartphone or tablet is a common occurrence these days. What do you do, then, when your image orientation isn't saved and those uploaded images are turned on their side? Our image editor is a quick solution to fix the orientation of your image.

Why is it being uploaded sideways in the first place? This is not an issue limited to Typepad but can happen on other websites.  Many mobile devices store an image's orientation in the EXIF metadata. EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format - and there are still platforms that are not capable of reading this information such as image orientation.

After you've inserted your image, and you notice that the image is showing in the incorrect orientation, simply double-click the image. The image editor will pop up in a window, presenting additional image editing options. One of the first options shown is the Orientation tool, which is what you will use to rotate the image left, right, or flip it top to bottom.

Rotate Your Image

The menu bar will toggle as you scroll up and down so it may appear above or below the image.   The process takes less than a minute to complete and all you need to do to get back to composing your post is click the rotation button, the image orientation will change in your draft. Once your image is set, you can continue to edit your post and save your changes.

Any image tips you think would be helpful to a new blogger? Feel free to share in the comments below!