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The Big Parent Hacks Redesign


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Asha's blog Parent Hacks is a great resource for parents who are looking for tips and tricks. But the blog's design hadn't been updated in several years and Asha felt it was out of date. She had a good idea of what she wanted and worked with Trainello Design to create a lovely new design for her blog that more effectively highlights her content. Asha then reached out to TypePad Blog Services and we implemented her design on TypePad. Read Asha's blog post to learn more about how things went.

Whether you've created a mock-up or would like to copy the design of your personal or organizational website on TypePad, our Design Implementation Service can help. You may be surprised at what's possible. Sign up today!. And be sure to visit Parent Hacks to learn how you or a parent you know can make life easier.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Oui Chef Blog Gets a Delicious New Design


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Oui, Chef by Steve is a fun food blog with a focus on sustainability and family. Steve had a new banner and some ideas about the layout and style but wasn't sure how to turn this into a whole design for his blog. He contacted the TypePad services team and we got to work. From the welcome message in the sidebar, to the bubbles highlighting the comments on each post, to the social media buttons in the post footer, the new design is a fantastic example of what can be done with Advanced Templates while still keeping a simple, elegant look. Steve was very happy with the new look for Oui, Chef and we are too.

Interested in a stylish new design for your blog? Sign up today for the Design Creation Service or one of our other options. And be sure to check out Oui, Chef for a tasty blogging treat.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Literal Mom Blog Gets a Facelift


Missy created Literal Mom as a place where parents can talk honestly about the issues important in their lives. Several months ago, she requested a Tune-Up Service to optimize the blog but after awhile she realized that she wanted to take the design to the next level. While the Tune-Up includes the creation of a banner image, it's only a small part of the overall service. Missy was looking for more options and a deeper collaborative process. She found that in our Banner Design Service. Working with Missy's preferences for fonts, colors, and overall style, and taking inspiration from several of Missy's favorite blogs, our designer created the gorgeous banner you see above. She also adjusted the navigation bar, footer, and link colors of the design to match the new banner. Missy is thrilled with the beautiful, professional, new look for Literal Mom.

Interested in something similar? Contact our Services team to learn more about the Banner Design Service and our other options. And be sure to check out Literal Mom for some real talk about parenting.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Washington Humane Society's Blog is the Cat's Meow


The Washington Humane Society helps animals in the District of Columbia, and uses their blog to share news, updates, and other time-sensitive information. To strengthen the blog's brand identity, they wanted to incorporate their logo into a new, more dynamic design.

Our services team worked together with Scott from WHS to create a design anchored by their logo that showcases the most important information and resources on their blog. It's vivid yet doesn't draw attention away from the content - and who can resist the cute kitten and puppy in the banner?

Looking for a new design for your blog? Contact our Services team to learn more about our design creation services. And be sure to check out the Washington Humane Society if you care about animals, whether you live in the DC area or not.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Seymour Library Makes the Move to TypePad


The Seymour Public Library in New York wanted to launch a blog and integrate their website so that everything was in one place. They chose TypePad and, to help them get started, connected with our Services team for a Power Launch service.

Working together with Barbara from the Library, we helped them organize and link to their most important content, as well as set up recommended TypePad features. In addition, we created a lovely banner image using a photo they provided of the Library and redirected their domain from the old website to their TypePad blog.

Need some extra help getting started too? Contact our Services team to learn more about our Power Launch and other services. And be sure to visit Seymour Library if you're interested in books, or are curious about how a library uses TypePad for both their website and their blog.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

The Wide-Eyed Legless: Mermaid Blog Makes a Splash


LaWanica has a real eye for style, and a passion for mermaids. Her blog, The Wide-Eyed Legless shares art, fashion, and other mermaid-related creations. LaWanica had a design idea that would make The Wide-Eyed Legless the blog of her dreams, but she didn't know how to make it work on TypePad.

Enter the TypePad design services team. Working together with LaWanica, we took her mock-up and the images she had created, and implemented the design on her blog. Now The Wide-Eyed Legless has a gorgeous new look.

Got a design idea of your own? Contact our design services team and tell us about it. You may be surprised at what's possible on TypePad. And be sure to visit The Wide-Eyed Legless for a daily dose of mermaids.

P.S. You can view this and many other great blogs in our portfolio.

Gastronome Tart: A Design That's Good Enough to Eat


Amy has a passion for food, and her blog, Gastronome Tart, is a delightful read for everybody who shares her passion. But with so many food blogs out there these days, how can Amy make sure Gastronome Tart stands out from the crowd? One way is with a stunning design, and that's exactly what she has.

Amy provided the gorgeous photo for the banner image and worked collaboratively with our design services team to create just the right look for her blog. The result is a design you won't forget.

Like what you see? Check out more of our design work in our newly launched TypePad Blog Services Portfolio. And be sure to visit Gastronome Tart for a tasty read!

A Stunning Banner Image - We Can Help You With That

We've been posting a lot about banner images recently (how to add a personalized banner to your blog, a fancy trick for displaying a different banner each time your blog loads) - and with good reason. The banner image is the main focus of your blog's design. It's the first thing people notice when they view the blog and what they'll most remember about it.

Many people are creative and artistic and can make their own banner image. But if you're like me and you're not, TypePad Blog Services is here to help! Our banner designer, Melanie, can create a stunning, professional banner image for your blog.

The Banner Design Service costs $300. We create several banner proposals for you. You pick the one you like best and we adjust it to look just right for your blog. Then we upload it for you and make sure it fits in with your blog design. It's a terrific value and costs much less than a full blog design service.

Take a look at some recent banners we've designed:



Like what you see? If you're interested in having us design a wonderful banner image for your blog, sign up today!

Getting your blog off to a great start with the Power Launch Service

Discover TypePad ServicesHave you recently started a TypePad blog or are planning to and you've realized you need a little extra help getting it up and running? Our Power Launch Service may be just what you're looking for! The Power Launch is very similar to our Tune-Up Service but is focused on new bloggers who are just launching their blogs. It's a great option if you're not sure exactly what you need to get going with your blog.

The Power Launch Service costs $349. We evaluate your brand new blog in nearly 20 areas, provide you with a report listing our recommendations for the best features to add, then implement the changes for you. All three phases are covered in the price. You can read more about the areas covered by the Power Launch Service here. Whether you would like to launch your new blog, but aren't sure where to start, or if you would like to have somebody else take care of setting up your blog design and features so you can concentrate on beginning to write great content, the Power Launch Service has you covered. Sign up now!

The Design Implementation Service - Bringing Your Design Home to TypePad

Many organizations - from schools to non-profits to large companies - have their blogs with TypePad and want to match the blog's design to their website. Or they may have developed a new design but aren't sure how to implement it on TypePad. This is where TypePad One's Design Implementation Service comes in.

SmarterComics blog

The cost for this service depends on the complexity of your design so when you sign up we will need to see your website or a mock-up that you provide, then we will give you a quote. The cost is based on a $200/hour rate. We'll need you to provide graphics and other images to be used in the design.

We love the Design Implementation Service because these are often the most complex designs we do and show off just what TypePad is capable of supporting. Didn't think you could do your design on TypePad? You may be surprised!

iLife blog

If you would like to match your blog to your website, or just have a really great design you've created that you want to use on TypePad, check out our Design Implementation Service today!